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More “Deep Diving”

Remember when SCOG told the world there were millions of lines of SVRX copied into Linux? Remember they told the world they had hired experts to do some deep diving? It turned out to be a few header files from … Continue reading

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SCOTUS – Bilski Revisited – Recusal

Apparently two of the SCOTUS justices, Scalia and Thomas, were deeply involved in “conservative” (not sure what they are conserving but it’s not impartial justice) political events. That brings to mind how they ruled in Bilski. Did these two justices … Continue reading

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Screwing the Customer

Apple is not one of my favourite businesses. I cannot ever recall buying something from them. Every time I read about Apple being more closed I thank my lucky stars that I never became locked-in to them. The latest issue … Continue reading

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What’s in Various Debian CDs?

I don’t use Debian CDs much these days as I use network installations and USB drives. Most PCs will boot from a USB device. Still, when Mark Shuttleworth stated that Ubuntu was looking to include some Qt-using applications on it’s … Continue reading

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