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Target Date for Debian Squeeze Release: 2011-2-5/6

At last there is a nominal date of release for squeeze: February 5/6. Squeeze is doing very well and considering its size it is a major accomplishment in IT to bring it all together. Debian’s APT package management system and … Continue reading

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Search is One of the Strengths of GNU/Linux

Searching is one of the five major functions of computerized information processing: searching, creating, modifying, storing and presenting. In the early days of PCs one could keep a scrap of paper or such with a list of floppies and a … Continue reading

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An Example of Malware in GNU/Linux

The fans of other OS often claim that given a large enough share to bother malware creators GNU/Linux will be a target so there’s no need to migrate to GNU/Linux for security. Chuckle… Here’s an example of a “botnet” that … Continue reading

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