Thin Client Usage in Largo, FL

Dave Richards has a blog revealing some of the developments there. Recent items:

  • RDP is more widely used. They still have to use IE for some governmental web sites… It is simpler to have both GNU/Linux and that other OS use RDP to the same clients.
  • 8 X 6 core 64bit terminal server just for FireFox… 400 users seem to be no problem for these beasts. It’s comforting to see a pro like Dave Richards had some problems with X just as I did this past year.
  • Largo gets similar performance to what my folks got on our old Xeon for things like This shows the scalability of GNU/Linux terminal servers.

I don’t know what Largo pays for 48 processor servers choked with RAM but HP sells similar products from $30K and up. That’s in the neighbourhood of $100 per user, a bit more than I usually pay ($25 fully loaded and $50 lightly loaded custom-built). It’s clear Dave Richards spends a lot of time customizing his servers/services. Amen.

With low cost of operation of thin clients, an organization can afford to fuss a lot over their servers and produce great performance at reasonable cost. For me it has been superior performance to that other OS on thick clients and it cost far less.

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