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HP has been in the news in 2010 for what it did not do with the arrival of Apotheker. His arrival was clouded by the suit from Oracle. He took a long tour of the world taking time to form ideas of where HP should go. HP is big in just about everything in IT except the cloud. Being the leader in PCs and thin clients hedges their bets. Apotheker has a background in software. Will he not develop a scheme to provide SaaS (Software as a Service)? Why should HP not become vertically integrated, providing clients of all kinds, servers, clouds and consulting?

According to TheRegister there could be plans to increase the size and the cost-effectiveness of HP’s high end servers. If they expand to the cloud, HP could also buy someone like RackSpace to host their piece of the cloud. The cloud is ramping up slowly at the moment. There is some time for HP to catch the wave if HP hurries. Buillding their own cloud from scratch might take more time than buying some hosting outfit(s). HP is big enough that it should consider not renting part of Google or M$’s or Amazon’s cloud but growing their own.

Four is a better number than three for competition. It’s all good.

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