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Dell Becomes Less Schizophrenic

Dell’s website, at least, reflects schizophrenia. As you navigate around the site you find you can’t get there from here because you are, in Dell’s opinion, the wrong kind of person. It’s maddening to me that I have to be … Continue reading

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Lean or Thin?

All over the web I read that such and such project failed or was resented and sabotaged by ungrateful employees. This seems to be a widespread and dangerous reality/fear. In IT, the big picture is that total productivity or cost/benefit … Continue reading

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Thin Client Usage in Largo, FL

Dave Richards has a blog revealing some of the developments there. Recent items: RDP is more widely used. They still have to use IE for some governmental web sites… It is simpler to have both GNU/Linux and that other OS … Continue reading

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War of a Different Kind

NYT reports that Stuxnet may have been a product of schemers in Israel and USA, an act of cyber warfare. The characteristics of the attack fits and it would make a good movie, but this if true would be an … Continue reading

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What to do with the estimated 50% of PCs out there still running that long obsolete OS, XP? Many are useless for “7” because of low memory. Refurbishment could be a growth industry in 2011 because either adding memory to … Continue reading

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HP: software, storage, and networking

HP has been in the news in 2010 for what it did not do with the arrival of Apotheker. His arrival was clouded by the suit from Oracle. He took a long tour of the world taking time to form … Continue reading

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Tablets in 2011

Digitimes reports Compal expects: “Demand for tablet PCs will grow quarterly at the expense of conventional notebooks through 2011, Chen said, adding global tablet PC sales in 2011 will reach 60 million units, 70-75% of which will be iPads. Of … Continue reading

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