The Basque region of Spain has long had insurgents trying to obtain independence. Lately the government of Spain lined up some IT resources to counter the threat. Using GNU/Linux software widely, Spain called the operation “Linux”. Whether or not there is no such thing as bad advertising, this is an uncomfortable juxtaposition of FLOSS which has largely shed its “hacker” aura and folks who definitely want to hack the system.

Could not they have called the operation “Butterfly” or “Hammer” or anything but a registered trademark? Would they dare have called it “that other OS”? M$ would have objected, I am sure. What were they thinking?

OTOH, Spain is a country with a very high utilization of GNU/Linux and it could be they are hard-pressed to invent names. There is software for that.
pwgen -ABC0 6 55
hephah oawaew hooghu eeniek uipuix zaafie aehich oghiew oinien aigaix iteejo iruroh aexira chiepe shohhe chaehu caesoo ohkewo icezai eihage bahqui epeegu ooquee diophi aevaeg ahpohn gaewab ohriec eeriap dooxix fahgha beovoo ooyohm ahthew thophi ahxoth ieyaet geiwee eiheex ahnahy engith jahrae weinie ohyohx rizeen toomei aefeex hangae cohxie oebair xaivah kieche avoove eesaip angeed

My personal choice for the project name would have been “hephah” because it was first in the list and should not offend anyone but the targets.

pwgen is a package available in the Debian GNU/Linux repositories.

Linux is a trademark registered to Linus Torvalds. see (bottom of page)

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  1. Richard Chapman says:

    I like “Operation ShotFootInMouth”.

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