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Flashback – One Year Ago

One year ago, CES 2010 started off the “Year of ARM” in style. Almost everything is the same this year except Moore’s Law has brought ARM performance into the low end of x86 and M$ has promised to make its … Continue reading

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The Basque region of Spain has long had insurgents trying to obtain independence. Lately the government of Spain lined up some IT resources to counter the threat. Using GNU/Linux software widely, Spain called the operation “Linux”. Whether or not there … Continue reading

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FireFox4 Beta

You can try FireFox Beta here. I downloaded firefox-4.0b9.tar.bz2 and ran a few of commands: bunzip2 firefox-4.0b9.tar.bz2 tar xf firefox-4.0b9.tar cd firefox ./run-mozilla.sh ./firefox and voila! FireFox was running quite nicely. Very crisp. I visited a few sites and found … Continue reading

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Service Levels

Google is claiming it is much more reliable than M$ when it comes to Gmail/Hotmail. “In 2010, the company says, Gmail was available to business users and consumers 99.984 per cent of the time – about seven minutes of downtime … Continue reading

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