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Wintel, Take That!

Tablets are hot. Intel makes an “Oak Trail” CPU for them and has cut prices to match the Tegra 2 ARMed CPU but manufacturers would rather wait for September when Intel has promised a better chip. In the meantime, manufacturers … Continue reading

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We often discuss the popularity of various technologies here. Today, I found data on the popularity of members of M$’s board (8K): Steve Ballmer – 95% Every other nominee – 99% Of course, most of these folks have gazillions of … Continue reading

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In Defence of Moose

While most of my time these days is spent on IT, I do have a history of living on the land and hunting. A recent story of some folks who were injured when their motor-vehicles collided with moose in Newfoundland, … Continue reading

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Dell and Canonical are going into the clouds together. Dell will sell machines with “private cloud” capability to be part of Ubuntu 11.04. Whether you believe clouds/SaaS/services over the web are efficient and reliable partners or end-around plays against software … Continue reading

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Silly Suit

We have seen a lot of wasted energy in the legal system over the years but Sony takes the cake. They are suing folks who revealed Sony’s utterly inept use of encryption to lock down the PlayStation3. They also sought … Continue reading

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Extreme Irony in IT

If you go to most governmental registers of trademarks with a generic term or combination of terms, you will be denied. Recently, Apple applied for “app store”. Ironically M$, which received a registration for that other OS, is challenging “app … Continue reading

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