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Squeeze is Imminent

Squeeze is firming up quite nicely. I noticed today that LibreOffice3.3 is now in Debian Squeeze. I used the download from www.LibreOffice.org and encountered some instability. I trust that will be fixed in the release. The bug count is 82 … Continue reading

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June 2011

The invasion of Normandy was in June 1944. The invasion of mainstream computing by ARM will come in June 2011, 67 years later. The invasion by ARM will have a huge and lasting effect.

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Programming Errors

Everyone makes them. That is why we have syntax checkers, debuggers, and alpha and beta releases. It took me quite a while in the beginning of my career before I could produce a page of good code in the first … Continue reading

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That Other OS Does One Thing Well

SPAM. Yesterday the world’s volume of spam doubled as a major botnet running on that other OS started a new campaign. Shame on M$ for letting this happen as they concentrate on feature-bloat rather than quality. Shame on users of … Continue reading

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Investing in Education

Besides the stagnation of M$, one issue that emerged from CES is that USA is not investing well in education. K-12 education is haphazard. They have invested well in post-secondary but the random output of a poorly supported K-12 system … Continue reading

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