Et Tu …

Steve Ballmer is dead at the wheel of M$. He is going nowhere in the “cloud”. He is going nowhere in mobile. He has only been able to sell “7” retail in a monopoly. Feeling the heat, like all dictators fearing a coup, he has pushed out Bob Muglia who at least knew how to make money on servers.

The official announcement presents a good face, making change while M$ is on top, but we know M$ is not on top. GNU/Linux and ARM are threatening on all fronts. M$ has felt the need to adopt ARM because they know they cannot beat it. Web servers and high-power-computing are all going with GNU/Linux. Only the locked-in businesses still running XP are solid in the server market and they are seriously weighing options for GNU/Linux. They can migrate to GNU/Linux more cheaply than they can go to “2008” and “7” and using web applications makes the desktop lock-in rather frail. Does any business want to shell out for new licences or to continue paying for ones they already have? Does any business feel they have to work for a living but M$ should be supported like a welfare bum?

Perhaps Bob Muglia told Ballmer something Ballmer did not want to hear like share was declining or perhaps he looked too much like a possible replacement for Ballmer. Who will be next, Steve?

UPDATE see Preston Gralla’s take on this.

UPDATE see TheRegister’s analysis of Ballmer’s position.

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