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Sound of Footsteps

Smartphones sold about as many units as the world shipped other personal computers in 2010Q4. One-third of those smartphones were shipped with Android/Linux. In 2011 this pattern will repeat and more Android/Linux systems will ship on ARMed smartphones than Wintel … Continue reading

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Countdown to Debian Squeeze

Debian GNU/Linux releases “when it’s ready” and things are looking good. Estimated days to go: While the exclusion of things non-free from the installation media of the “Official” release may be an obstacle for some, there are workarounds at CDimages … Continue reading

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Attacks on FLOSS

We have seen it all: astroturfing all over the web, trolls specializing in FLOSS, trying to make Freedom seem a flaw, pronouncements from high and low that FLOSS is patent-encumbered or is a copy of non-free software, and serious attacks … Continue reading

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Lower Attach Rates

That’s a phrase that caught my eye in M$’s latest quarterly report. “Three months ended December 31, 2010 compared with three months ended December 31, 2009 Windows Division revenue decreased primarily due to the prior year launch of Windows 7, … Continue reading

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There are rumours/speculations about “8”. I suspect they are mostly what’s in the works from M$. Nothing else could compete with what’s happening in the real world with ARM+GNU/Linux+Android/Linux. M$ will have to sell licences to a distributed OS with … Continue reading

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Chemistry, Quantum Mechanics and Thermodynamics Align Against Apple

Apple may test their user-interface and design it well but not being a global operation hurts them. They got the physics of antennae wrong and now they are being left out in the cold for not operating in the cold… … Continue reading

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Chickens Roost

Remember how explosive the sales of “7” were going? ” revenue for Redmond’s Windows division fell to $5.1 billion from $7.2 billion, a 29 percent drop. Net income from Windows sales was down 39 percent to $3.3 billion from $5.4 … Continue reading

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2011 Will Be Big, Very Big

Industries supplying IT are shivering with excitement. TSMC is cranking up production and planning 18 inch wafers and 20 nm. ARMed chips have been huge and may increase 8-fold in sub-$150 smart phones running Android GNU/Linux. tablets could ship 42 … Continue reading

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Gaming Comes to Android/Linux

Gaming is one of the niches often touted as a show-stopper for GNU/Linux. I ignored gaming mostly because I am too old to be interested but others do not. Now Sony is bringing PlayStation content to Android/Linux. Since as many … Continue reading

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News (?) that Google was censoring search for torrents disturbed me as bittorrent is a powerful tool to permit wide distribution of FLOSS at minimum cost and uplinking is one way ordinary folks can “give back” to the FLOSS community. … Continue reading

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I can remember about 1957 I won a 5 cent coin for my efforts in the high jump at Field Day in a one-room school house in the bush. That was a prize rewarding me for accomplishment. Another more recent … Continue reading

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And It Came To Pass, The Tiny ARMed PC

This thing is pocket-sized but it’s not a mobile thingie, it’s a desktop PC. CompuLab has been making industrial controllers and such using x86 but lately it is going with ARM. No doubt they like the performance per cubic centimetre/dollar. … Continue reading

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