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App Stores

Ha! I just read an article by one of my least-favourite authours touting his idea of radical ideas that will become popular in 2011. One was the app store… Chuckle. The idea is that folks love to be able to … Continue reading

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Assange Speaks, Well

MSNBC has a good interview with Julian Assange on WikiLeaks, journalism, First Amenment, and Manning. 15 minutes covers a wide range of the issues. Assange makes the point forcefully that he is a journalist speaking out to examine and check … Continue reading

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Cyberwarfare Tactics

One of the tactics of cyberwarfare has become persuading credit-card/payment businesses to block transfers to organizations being attacked. Recently we saw that tactic applied to WikiLeaks. Now it is a file-sharing site, MegaUpload. The RIAA has branded MegaUploads a “rogue … Continue reading

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Smartphone Shipments Expected to Exceed PCs in 2011

“ For 2011, sales of smartphones will increase to 400-420 million units, accounting for 25-27% of total handset sales of 1.45-1.55 billion units projected for the year. ” see Combined with projections of 409 million PCs to be shipped … Continue reading

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That Other OS is Broken

Recently oldman claimed that he could set up a machine running that other OS and use it without malware scanning. Here is proof that that is very high-risk behaviour. It has come to light that IE provides a work-around for … Continue reading

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Hopewell Patents Music

This should tick off oldman… 😉 No. Hopewell does not claim all music violates their patent, just double-clicking a mouse. The act of double-clicking is like rhythm in music, “rhythm is simply the timing of the musical sounds and silences“. … Continue reading

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Digitimes Sees Diversification Ahead for PCs. I see GNU/Linux on Retail Shelves.

I am not the only one to detect a crack in Wintel. see Intel, Microsoft may face strong challenge from ARM/Android (Digitimes). Intel hedging with GNU/Linux and M$ dabbling with ARM are indications that Wintel is weakening. Intel no longer … Continue reading

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NX 4.0 Non-free

“Version 4 of the software, in fact, will be only available under a closed source license” see the news NoMachine always had an awkward relationship with FLOSS. They provided no-cost trials and FLOSS clients but kept the “server” non-free. Now … Continue reading

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Price and Performance

I see PCs idling everyday. The PCs around here range in age from 1 to 8 years with the average being more than five years. We welcome donated PCs 8 years old because they work well and give us little … Continue reading

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M$ Blinks

Coca-Cola blinked when they introduced “new-Coke”. Rumour has it that M$ will introduce a new version of that other OS to run on x86/amd64 and ARM. It will not be “7”. Perhaps it will be vapourware to further delay GNU/Linux … Continue reading

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All-in, Tentatively

Gavin Clarke and Mary-Jo Foley discuss hits and misses of 2010 for M$. We all know “the cloud” is the future and Ballmer has declared M$ all-in but both found “Office Web-Apps” a confusing plate of spaghetti: documentation, licensing, complexity, … Continue reading

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Novell’s Shame

I have admired the contributions of Novell to GNU/Linux (e.g. the Linux kernel, Beagle desktop search engine, Evolution e-mail client). I have admired the defence they rendered in SCOG v World. However, I see nothing but shameful acts as the … Continue reading

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