Bruce Byfield and I often don’t agree on much but he has it right when he predicts that LibreOffice will compete head-to-head with in 2011:
Although a release candidate of LibreOffice’s first release is currently available, it has few differences from However, anyone who browses the mailing lists of both LibreOffice and can hardly help but notice that LibreOffice’s are the more lively. In the enthusiasm for the fork, everything seems up for reconsideration, and this attitude could lead to a 2011 release that is strongly different from

I did download and install LibreOffice 3.3-rc2 this morning and it worked like a charm. It may not be radically different from 3.3 at this point but you can feel the momentum building. Oracle may not care about very much at all in their grand scheme but the folks at the Document Foundation are passionate and energized. The fork seems to have eviscerated the old team and attracted new people with new ideas. They are getting about a megabyte of gzipped messages on their lists each month. Check out the Feature List.

Download it here and give it a try.

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2 Responses to LibreOffice

  1. oldman says:

    The Document foundation may be energized, but managing a project with 8 million lines of code calls for a discipline that the community has not this far shown. Remember Linus’s lecture to the kernel contributors about regressions?.

    I am especially concerned by statements that the next release will be”strongly different” If the Document Foundation is so foolish as to make this so different that they break backwards compatibility, then they can watch their share of the Word processing “market” melt away, especially if Oracle continues to develop OpenOffice(charging only for support) and keeps it free.

  2. Dann says:

    Archlinux is the only distro I’ve tried (of about 4) that include libreoffice in the repositories.

    I’m looking forward to what they produce.

    However, being the KDE junkie I am, I’m also looking forward to the KOffice fork, Calligra Suite, and their productivity apps.

    In the end, we win.

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