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Panic at M$

You can tell M$ is in a panic. They are telling lies: VDI is more costly than running thick clients with that other os “7” is cheaper to run than XP The thin client model is more complicated and more … Continue reading

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Schools Prefer Not To Scrap Working PCs

It just makes no sense to waste valuable resources only to spend a ton of money replacing those resources. “Dysart Unified School District has switched about 3,000 of its computers from the Microsoft Windows operating system to Linux“ Same old … Continue reading

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Bruce Byfield and I often don’t agree on much but he has it right when he predicts that LibreOffice will compete head-to-head with OpenOffice.org in 2011: Although a release candidate of LibreOffice’s first release is currently available, it has few … Continue reading

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Clear Business Case

“The days of “throwing money” at IT are clearly a thing of the past and CIOs will increasingly need a clear business case for any future investments they make” So says IDC… I’ve been saying the same thing for years.

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Russia Advances into the 21st Century

Russians have been active with GNU/Linux for many years and their government has made progress in adopting GNU/Linux. Now, there is a five-year plan.

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