Smartphone Shipments Expected to Exceed PCs in 2011

For 2011, sales of smartphones will increase to 400-420 million units, accounting for 25-27% of total handset sales of 1.45-1.55 billion units projected for the year.


Combined with projections of 409 million PCs to be shipped in 2011 and you have really bad news for the monopoly. This probably explains M$’s sudden interest in ARM. Earlier predictions were for 2012.

More than 50% of Asian and African mobile internet users as well as more than 20% of users in developed markets, such as the UK and US do not use the internet on a PC.

This shows serious shrinkage in the monopoly has already happened and more is on the way in 2011. Nothing is preventing the spread of ARM+GNU/Linux to all branches of personal computing now. Merry Christmas!

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