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That Other OS is Broken

Recently oldman claimed that he could set up a machine running that other OS and use it without malware scanning. Here is proof that that is very high-risk behaviour. It has come to light that IE provides a work-around for … Continue reading

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Hopewell Patents Music

This should tick off oldman… 😉 No. Hopewell does not claim all music violates their patent, just double-clicking a mouse. The act of double-clicking is like rhythm in music, “rhythm is simply the timing of the musical sounds and silences“. … Continue reading

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Digitimes Sees Diversification Ahead for PCs. I see GNU/Linux on Retail Shelves.

I am not the only one to detect a crack in Wintel. see Intel, Microsoft may face strong challenge from ARM/Android (Digitimes). Intel hedging with GNU/Linux and M$ dabbling with ARM are indications that Wintel is weakening. Intel no longer … Continue reading

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