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Novell’s Shame

I have admired the contributions of Novell to GNU/Linux (e.g. the Linux kernel, Beagle desktop search engine, Evolution e-mail client). I have admired the defence they rendered in SCOG v World. However, I see nothing but shameful acts as the … Continue reading

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Anti-malware is Anti-M$

Even if M$ lightened its software to the point where it ran well on any hardware, the burden of having to also run anti-malware on the machine sniffing every file transfer and access prevents that other OS from M$ from … Continue reading

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Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

Entrepreneurs in China are not waiting for tablet PCs to be distributed by all the big names. They are selling them on e-bay at a much lower price than Apple’s iPad. Small cheap computers do sell. 24% who viewed this … Continue reading

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