Munich’s Migration to GNU/Linux Grinds Onward

This must be a record-setting slow pace for migration. Only glaciers move slower… IBM will join the team in 2011 with reinforcements to migrate 50% of seats and the revised revised plan is to finish the migration in 2014. OK. Whatever works. I still think they could have done it on a weekend…

Maybe it’s like cooking frogs. If you raise the temperature slowly enough, the end-users do not notice.

IBM has been in the business of large migrations to GNU/Linux since before Limux. It would have been done long ago if they had called in IBM from the start. IBM did help them with the planning but Munich cut them out of the final plan. Now IBM are back in the operation.

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2 Responses to Munich’s Migration to GNU/Linux Grinds Onward

  1. Yogesh says:

    Nice and informative article, keep it up.

  2. Richard Chapman says:

    I love this story. The Cult of Microsoft hangs over this migration, drooling at the chance to loudly proclaim “I TOLD YOU SO!”. And every time a secretary in a backwater bureaucracy demands Microsoft be put back on her desk, they do. I wish I had ten bucks for every time Munich “abandoned” Linux, I’d buy myself a new desktop.

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