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It’s Good to be Needed

I left for Christmas break a week early because of housing problems and Monday morning got a phone call: no Internet access. I suspected students would try to work around my barriers to the Internet or turn off the teacher’s … Continue reading

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ARM, Android And Christmas

It’s Christmas for sure this year with small cheap computers everywhere and they are not running that other OS. 2010 was the Year of ARM and GNU/Linux got a big shot in the arm because of the diversity of products … Continue reading

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Crime and Punishment

Assange is getting no contact with the outside world. His punishment has started already and he has been convicted of no crime: “The lawyer said the only correspondence his client had received was a note telling him that a copy … Continue reading

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RMS and Trust

RMS has been a stalwart promoter of Free Software. His take on cloud computing is that it is “worse than stupidity”. In principle, he is right; trusting someone is worse than stupidity but we humans do it all the time. … Continue reading

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No, M$, We Will not Pay You $6K to use Our Servers

SBS has been released with prices for the standard version including $72 CALs and a higher price and $96 CALs for the chocolate-icing version. We are not locked into M$ where I work so we can save a ton of … Continue reading

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