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Reality Check

I came across a prediction from 2006 that Vista would have 40% share by 2008. Now, we are in 2010 and Vista +”7″ is still less than 40%. Granted, predicting is an uncertain art because unknown events intervene. What has … Continue reading

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Predictions That Will Fail in 2011

Channel insider is predicting the downfall of XP in the enterprise in 2011. They must not realize that “7” is only replacing a small part of the XP universe. The increase in “7” share is less than the total decrease … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux Roll-outs in Schools

There is news of a “huge” roll-out in Brazil, 1.5 million notebooks running Mandriva GNU/Linux. That sounds like a huge number but in a population of 200 million people it is a drop in the bucket, about one machine per … Continue reading

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