Business uses that other OS for “business-critical” stuff, right? Look what happened to Tesco as business ramped up. Their server crashed. Guess what OS they were running? 2003. They had even off-loaded stuff to “the cloud” where M$ is “all-in”. It did not work.

I have worked GNU/Linux servers hard. They just do not seem to crash. Why would anyone put “mission-critical” stuff on that other OS? My current GNU/Linux terminal server is starved for RAM. It would like another gigabyte at least. Still it does not crash. Check out these loads:

If my old piece of junk (IBM X-series) will hang in with 10 processes in the wait queue, why won’t Tesco’s stuff? Could it be that other OS crashes when heavily loaded and squandering resources?

Now, mine is an anecdotal report and you can discount it but I have never seen a GNU/Linux machine crash from load but I have seen that other OS go belly-up even idling. I have watched a lot of GNU/Linux machines running reliably no matter what is thrown at them. The above graphics are from about 12 students using a single terminal server with 1gB RAM. No one noticed any slowdown.

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