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Cost-ineffective “7” Deployment

I keep finding stories on the web about how to roll out “7” and save money. Let’s see Chuck a perfectly working system = -$150 (the hardware is worth something and the licence is as good as it was on … Continue reading

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Un-Civil War on the Internet

Groups pro and con Wikileaks have taken to DDOS various sites on the web. DDOS Wars Botnet War of any kind is seldom of much benefit to anyone. I hope this tit-for-tat stuff stops soon. If a few thousand PCs … Continue reading

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20% CAGR for GNU/Linux

W3Schools.com has released their Browser OS shares for November. GNU/Linux is at 5% starting from 2.6% in November 2003. That is 13.3% CAGR in share over 7 years. In those years the number of PCs has increased 7% per annum … Continue reading

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