1.8 Billion ARM CPUs

That’s how many one FAB, TSMC, might produce in 2011. TSMC expects to produce about 1.8 million wafers for Qualcomm in 2011 and each wafer can hold about 1000 ARM CPUs. These CPUs will go into iPads, smart-phones, smart-thingies, and a variety of personal computers, few of which will run that other OS, certainly not “7”. Then there are other fabricators cranking out ARM. Is the monopoly over yet? Barring catastrophe, the end of 2011 could see the monopoly thrashed. Wintel will be lucky to crank out 350 million devices. ARM will be widely used in personal computers by the end of 2011 because many users of smart-thingies will be happy with the performance and come to prefer ARM + GNU/Linux even with a big keyboard and display. Who needs a big box on the desk when a thingie that fits in your pocket or purse will do?

HTC reports it cannot meet demand and needs more production from its suppliers.

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