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New Kid on the Block Catching UP

The Chinese love small cheap computers but they have need of home-grown chips with more power. While AMD+Intel are cranking out 32nm chips with billions of transistors in 4-12 core models, the Chinese have an 8-core 65nm job with 128 … Continue reading

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ARMed Shoot-out in China

Expect prices of smart-phones to drop to around $100 in 2011. ARM + Android makes it possible. Cry, M$. No room for bloat and huge licensing fees in there, Wintel. Expect this trend to spread to PCs in 2011.

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AMD Prays the World Will Stop Turning

They want to keep cranking out hair-driers while the world is crying out for small cheap computers. They are thinking tablets will not take off until the price drops to $300. Losers. They see 20% growth in netbooks and still … Continue reading

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Canada’s Bilski

A Federal Court of Canada decision that Amazon’s “one-click” method of doing business could be patentable will be appealed to the Federal Court of Appeal. Let us hope that sanity prevails. The patent application will be re-examined. Let us hope … Continue reading

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