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Tenacious Emma Alvarado

Emma Alvarado sued M$ in 2009 over the silly and costly XP “downgrades” for people buying PCs that came with Vista. The court disallowed class action and eventually ruled that M$ had not been shown to profit from the practice. … Continue reading

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When Will That Other OS be FREE?

2012 likely will be the year that M$ gives away use of its OS generally. In 2011, that other OS will lose major share in the ARMed world and ARM will invade the Wintel domain by the end of 2011 … Continue reading

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$100 Smart-phones

Devices intended to sell at retail for less than $100 are in design stage and should be on the market in 3 to 6 months. The number of users of smart-phones should explode with this development and Android should complete … Continue reading

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The Tax

Thanks to a blogger we now know how much M$’s tax is. He chatted with Dell to insist on quotations for the same machine with and without that other OS. The bottom line? “I have received a quotation for the … Continue reading

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Patent-Troll Tries Again

Paul Allen has amended his complaint with more specificity…“The ’507 patent describes an invention that enables a user to efficiently review a large body of information by categorizing and correlating segments of information within the body of information and generating … Continue reading

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Panic at M$

You can tell M$ is in a panic. They are telling lies: VDI is more costly than running thick clients with that other os “7” is cheaper to run than XP The thin client model is more complicated and more … Continue reading

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Schools Prefer Not To Scrap Working PCs

It just makes no sense to waste valuable resources only to spend a ton of money replacing those resources. “Dysart Unified School District has switched about 3,000 of its computers from the Microsoft Windows operating system to Linux“ Same old … Continue reading

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Bruce Byfield and I often don’t agree on much but he has it right when he predicts that LibreOffice will compete head-to-head with in 2011: Although a release candidate of LibreOffice’s first release is currently available, it has few … Continue reading

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Clear Business Case

“The days of “throwing money” at IT are clearly a thing of the past and CIOs will increasingly need a clear business case for any future investments they make” So says IDC… I’ve been saying the same thing for years.

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Russia Advances into the 21st Century

Russians have been active with GNU/Linux for many years and their government has made progress in adopting GNU/Linux. Now, there is a five-year plan.

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Celebrating 1000 Posts

1,000 Posts on this BLOG 3,541 Comments It has been a lot of work and a lot of fun. I enjoy reading and writing. I expect to do more in the coming years. With retirement I should be able to … Continue reading

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UK and One Canadian Province Lean to FLOSS

see Is 2011 The Year of Open Source in the Public Sector?. It is. The whole world of IT is turning to FLOSS and the public sector/government is no exception. It makes no sense to pay more for IT simply … Continue reading

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