M$ Needs GNU/Linux

My father and my uncle were grain farmers. They had a very effective strategy for ridding their fields of weeds: plant alternating crops or summer-fallow. Thus the weeds were either exposed to cultivation or not always in their preferred niche.

Malware is software in a niche. It cannot be too open or folks will just kill the process. Instead malware has become like weeds growing in cracks where other software cannot see it. The ultimate is the rootkit where even the host OS cannot see the malware. InfosecInstitute has a nice piece detailing the extent to which the rootkit, ZeroAccess, burrows into that other OS.
“This rootkit has low level disk access that allows it to create new volumes that are totally hidden from the victim’s operating system and Antivirus. Consider the case where someone attempts to remove the rootkit by formatting the volume where their OS is installed (say the c:\) and reinstalling Windows. ZeroAccess will survive this cleaning process and reinstall itself onto the fresh copy of Windows. This is likely very frustrating for anyone attacked by ZeroAccess.”

Amen. Then, along comes GNU/Linux not knowing anything about that other OS’ volume structure and overwrites the whole thing with wholesome Free Software. Just as a farmer gains leverage on the weeds by alternating the environment, M$ and its customers could ensure greater freedom from malware by installing GNU/Linux alternately with that other OS. The malware burrowed into the hard drive would be flushed by GNU/Linux, making the world a better place.

Don’t re-install that other OS. Pave it over with GNU/Linux and be free of malware. I recommend OEMs distribute GNU/Linux installation CDs with their machines to improve customer satisfaction.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. I am surprised a machine like that cannot play video. What is the limiting factor? Video card? Memory? Even at 1gHz, the machine should be able to refresh the screen occasionally…

  2. MarkyMark says:


    My mom has an old PC (Dell desktop with 1 GHz Celeron processor) that she can’t afford to replace. She got SICK & TIRED of XP, so I installed Xubuntu 8.04 LTS on it. She likes it better than M$ Winblows…

    Granted, you can’t play web videos on her machine, but you can still read e-mail, Drudge, etc. just fine with it. Since she doesn’t watch video (she just reads news sites and such), that’s no biggie. Thanks to having Linux available, an old machine is still up and running.


  3. oe says:

    Actually with the older crowd GNU/Linux is making a beachhead on the older machines, most of the folks I have put it one a box for have dropped of decent hardware that they thought was broken, but was just the other OS with registry rot/malware. A surprising fraction of them reported that they are impressed with the stability and many report it later becoming the primary machine and the new kit with the Other OS going to the kids. It’s funny because older folks like the stability as gravitate to the modern distro’s as well.

  4. Amen!

    Fear not. There is light at the end of the tunnel, youth. Young people are not dedicated to worshipping M$. They will use whatever works. I see that every day in school. Young people like sharing.

    The revolution I prefer is not happening but the world has a steady supply of young folk, about 1% per annum and they are not taking up that other OS. They all want smart-phones. As soon as the price becomes more mature, young people will almost all have smart-phones running GNU/Linux. They will also accept tablets and netbooks running GNU/Linux. As early as next year we should see familiarity by large numbers of young folk spilling over to notebooks and desktops. It is inevitable/natural. I don’t see anything M$ can do to stop it because the smaller OEMs will supply the product if the biggies will not. I expect to see a few such products on the market this Christmas. That will be a fitting end to the Year of ARM which as I expected has brought ARM to servers and desktops. This is just the beginning. The Berlin Wall was never going to fall either, but it did. Young people felt the old leadership was out of touch with reality and ignored them.

    GNU/Linux will have its day soon. Do not give up hope.

  5. Richard Chapman says:

    I am ever amazed at the amount of abuse Windows users take at the hands of Microsoft. I once started to write a comment that would have included a major catastrophe that would cause people to leave Microsoft en masse. If Microsoft fists came out of monitors and started punching people, they would not leave. The major disasters in Microsoft (computer) security are coming in at more than one a month. Just one should be enough to make people leave Microsoft. But they won’t.

    I have no idea what this era will be called but I’m sure it will rival the Dark Ages.

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