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M$ Needs GNU/Linux

My father and my uncle were grain farmers. They had a very effective strategy for ridding their fields of weeds: plant alternating crops or summer-fallow. Thus the weeds were either exposed to cultivation or not always in their preferred niche. … Continue reading

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Spectacular Growth Predicted in Smart-thingies

Tablets and smart-phones are predicted to have huge growth in the coming years. smartphones to 800 million per annum by 2013 tablets passing netbook shipments this year smartphones to 440 million in 2011 If people carrying smart-phones develop a fondness … Continue reading

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ASUS Trying to Pump Up EEE PC

The netbooks shipments are not growing much these days. If what you are doing is not working change. Now ASUS is using AMD CPUs to lower the cost. At $350, they could do better with GNU/Linux. Up-selling small cheap computers … Continue reading

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WOW! LibreOffice is in High Gear!

It appears to me that LibreOffice is attracting lots of developers and is developing quickly. I see in the changelogs that things I care about are being fixed rapidly. If report cards weren’t due on Monday, I would give it … Continue reading

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