FUD just will not go away. People must be paid to manufacture it. I will not post a link to the latest FUD article I read but it has a bunch of points:

  • GNU/Linux is faster and has more drivers out of the box
  • GNU/Linux is faster to install and brings more apps to the table

which sounds great. GNU/Linux is a winner… Then TFA goes on to recount that

  • GNU/Linux lacks “special drivers” for “special devices”, the Achilles’ Heel and
  • GNU/Linux crashes a lot, especially when tweaking it

The FUD just could not be abandoned. What user who will not install an OS in his life will be tweaking the OS? Configuration from the GUI of desktop settings will not cause a crash. This is classic troll-stuff, attempting to extol the virtues of GNU/Linux and long, reliable usage and then trash it as having less than 1% share and going nowhere because of characteristics rarely seen by anyone. The 1% share is a lie we have debunked many times.

TFA is based on two machines. I have installed GNU/Linux on several hundred and rarely had any such problems. I have way more problems with drivers for XP and “7” is not packed with drivers for older equipment. I am currently testing Debian Squeeze (beta, not released yet) on all but one PC in my lab and besides a nagging random problem with an Intel driver, they run very smoothly. No one complains about performance or reliability. Only I get the complete picture and it has been improving since May when the installations started. We use five different models of PC in this room from 1 year old to 15 years old and drivers are not an issue. I can plug in cameras and scanners and they just work. TFA is out to lunch and got lost.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. oe says:


    The silver lining is that the Other OS guarantees repeat customers.

  2. @Agent_Smith

    Yep. The fanless bridges especially suffer if they are coated with dust. I had a bridge with a fan that quit. I removed the fan because I had no replacement and it worked well for a couple of years. Some have a larger margin for heat than others.

    So, how is GNU/Linux doing in Brazil?

  3. Agent_Smith says:

    Hey, don’t badmouth ECS KT-600A. I had one of those, and it worked nicely for about 5 years. It died in a hot summer we had here. North bridge overheated and the board started to malfunction.
    But until then, it worked very well.
    Ahh, thank goodness, I could save the processor and memory. Got a Soyo Dragon brand new, and got the system running again in no time. 😉

  4. I feel for you. M$ likes to help out its partners by not including drivers for earlier kit. That’s part of the Wintel treadmill.

    ECS. I remember them. I think those boards were from my pre-GNU/Linux days and I ran DOS on them with a tiny hard drive.

    Yep. A bare-metal installation of that other OS is revealing. Fans who work from restoration CDs or backups are not living in reality. A couple of years ago I was working on a lab that had several generations of old PC with subtle differences in devices. The performance was incredibly flaky with XP. I converted them to thin clients running GNU/Linux and we went from having 14 available reliably to 24. I remember being called every few days to fix things when they ran XP. Typically, a mouse that worked on one machine would not work on another. I had to tie mice down to prevent switching. With GNU/Linux I would go down to check and every machine and student were humming along. The lab dropped off the radar of IT support. Here, I went from having half the machines idle to all working, except a couple with dead supplies or motherboards, with a lot less work.

  5. lpbbear says:

    While both operating systems have their issues, Windows is definitely a hand full.

    Most recent example:

    Customer brings in WinXP Pro system that has been trashed by viruses. He says “You warned me to use the Linux partition for cruising the Internet. I didn’t listen to you so here I am.”

    At one point in the past I had installed a copy of Linux on a second drive and advised him to use it for general Internet usage since the WinXP Pro drive was meant for office use. I had not installed the WinXP Pro side, someone who built the system had done that.

    So the main problem, WinXP system trashed due to viruses requiring reload.

    Ok, on to reloading this system. Happy happy joy joy.

    It was built using one of the worst motherboards I have ever had the “pleasure” to deal with. ECS KT600-A. What a piece of s**t!

    Anyway, on to installing WinXP.

    So the system has an SATA drive for Windows. The version of WinXP Pro is an early one with no SATA support and the motherboard will not pass the fact on to WinXP that there is a SATA drive present. Of course this means trying to use a driver disk during intial install with the F6 option. The customer did not bring that disk so, as usual, I have to try and find it from the original manufacturers website. Its there without any needed information, as usual, and of course its mixed in with a boatload of other files that make it…..wait for it…..too large for a single floppy disk. Yes, I said floppy disk!

    That leaves me guessing, by trial and error, as to which ones actually are the right driver files for this motherboard and hand creating a floppy disk to use during the F6 install driver option in WinXP so that it can recognize the fact that it has a SATA hard drive.

    Anyway, after MUCH screwing around, downloading, and wasted time I finally get it to realize there is a SATA hard drive in the system and it proceeds on to the formatting. Eventually it gets done with that stage and I am thinking “Ahhhh, finally finish this POS.” It does its first reboot…..and…..immediately blue screens!


    Let me repeat that.


    What happens in situations like this is the tech cannot, in all fairness, charge the customer for all the incredible amount of wasted time caused by issues like this. Just to get to that blue screen involved approx. 4 hours of screwing around and I haven’t even been able to get the OS installed for the customer. That does not even take into account the time used backing up the customers important files prior to getting to this stage. Thankfully I can use a run from cd Linux disk for that purpose. Trying to back up using any form of Windows is a sure fire way to send a tech stark raving mad!

    Techs are acting as “buffers” between the deluded MS using customers and the whole incompetent Microsoft empire. The final bill might say 3 hours, but actual time is likely twice that or more because of issues like the above.

    Yes it is true, Linux might not have those more exotic drivers. This is the fault of the manufacturer for not supporting Linux, not Linux itself. The above scenario is NOT unique with Windows. Its pretty much the norm. After having worked on thousands of systems from both sides over the years there is no doubt in my mind which is the better operating system. That without a doubt is Linux, not Windows.

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