GNU/Linux on the Desktop in India

Here’s a snippet from an article in CRN India:
“Desktop Linux, which has less than 1 percent of the total PC market, has also been seeing momentum. It’s estimated that this year in India OEMs will ship close to 4,00,000 desktops with a Linux subscription or with preloaded Linux. “Linux desktop requirements span all segments. Government, education, enterprises and even home users are opting for Linux desktops. Linux desktop support will be one of the most lucrative businesses for partners in the days ahead,” predicts Advani of Canonical.
According to Vinil of the FOSS Business Forum, “Partners must look at Microsoft’s anti-piracy drives as an opportunity. Many customers who have been using pirated software are rather reluctant to make a sudden payment of a few lakh rupees and are more than willing to migrate.””

I believe the number should be 400,000 and a lakh is 100,000.

India ships around 10 million PCs each year so this is 4% of shipments. Illegal copies of that other OS abound so there is lots of room to grow. Google shows more data. Besides shipments, there seems to be a lot of interest in GNU/Linux generally so the do-it-yourselfers and fix-it shops may be contributing a lot to growth.

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3 Responses to GNU/Linux on the Desktop in India

  1. G.T.RAO says:

    Greetings all

    pl send me details about linux based desktop and terminal server for bulk requirement in india.

    m: 9511-9953506651

  2. Of course. My maths unit must have been off-line 😉

    So the story is self-contradictory. They must be referring to NetApps numbers or something but then quote units shipped. I sent them an e-mail to ask for clarification.

    I will fix my post for 4%. Thanks. 4% makes much better sense. India and China are full of small entrepreneurs doing GNU/Linux business. They can buy/build and install GNU/Linux cheaper than the brand-names.

  3. Matias says:

    You propably meant 4%?

    400 000/10 000 000 x 100%

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