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GNU/Linux on the Desktop in India

Here’s a snippet from an article in CRN India: “Desktop Linux, which has less than 1 percent of the total PC market, has also been seeing momentum. It’s estimated that this year in India OEMs will ship close to 4,00,000 … Continue reading

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Fixing a Dying Hard Drive in the Lab

I have a lab with 17 seats. The server is one of the seats and is six years old. The clients are 8 years old. One of them has a failing hard drive with increasing failures at fsck and it … Continue reading

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M$ v Motorola: Match in a Powder Magazine

Mutual Assured Destruction used to be what kept us from nuclear war. Tech companies have not learned from the lessons of the Cold War. M$ and Motorola have chosen a hot war. M$ sued over use of ideas in Android … Continue reading

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