Apple Gives up on Servers

I remember the day I saw my first Apple server. I was shocked. Who knew? Well, after 2011 there will be no more new ones. Apple isn’t making enough money on that stuff. Steve wants to cycle his cash through small expensive computers instead.

HAHAHA! Don’t you just love IT companies run by salesmen? Every heard of a stack, Steve? If folks don’t buy their servers from you perhaps they will not want to buy other gadgets from you. Corporates think that way. Compatibility and all…

The first Apple server I saw was a box on the doorstep of the school left during Christmas Break. I was not in charge of receiving parcels so I put it inside and left it there. I went in and found we had not Internet access. The fools at Head Office sent us an e-mail, during Christmas Break. I struggled to find what was wrong locally. Everything seemed fine. Finally, I phoned Head Office and was informed that the box contained our new router which Head Office was allowing to connect to the WAN and no others… Sigh. I reminded them about Christmas Break… “Oh!” the voice said… Anyway, I plugged in that server and had DHCP and a route once again. That was the year I first installed GNU/Linux on top of that other OS. I have had a stomache-churning response to seeing Apple servers ever since. Fortunately there are not many out there. Now there will be fewer over time. Too bad I will retire soon. The world is becoming a better place.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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3 Responses to Apple Gives up on Servers

  1. Dann says:

    I would love to hear more of your opinions on apple’s servers. You didn’t go through many reasons WHY you aren’t fond of them, other than the obvious points and background. Is it just the GUI aspect? Is it the proprietary layers? Hardware?

  2. Bender says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with Apple servers, that’s just another BSD and those are some hard foes to crack. What i see not necessary is a GUI on top of a server 🙂 I guess intelligent admins don’t need heavy GUI, they just want the job done from a terminal 😉 That’s why GNU/Linux is so great on servers (*BSD too but not Apple’s OS X).

  3. oldman says:


    To anyone other than an apple true believer, the XServe boxes were mediocre at best from an enterprise perspective, as was apples “enterprise support”.

    I often had the feeling that apple never really liked making servers. The fact that they propose the substitution of their MacPro tower systems confirms that feeling. Of course the fact that these systems are totally unsuited for housing in a modern rack oriented enterprise will mean nothing to apple.

    What I do not look forward is to attempting to service the “needs” of the apple lovers who will try to get us to go back to placing tower computers in racks 1990’s style.

    Thank you apple.

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