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I read SJVN’s blog today, “The new Linux Desktop: Ubuntu’s Unity” and agree with most of it. SJVN is reflecting on Ubuntu’s moves to make an “easier” interface for the young, old, newbies to PCs, just about everyone. I wanted … Continue reading

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Neelie on Copyright

“Look at the situation of those trying to digitise cultural works. Europeana, the online portal of libraries, museums and archives in Europe, is one key example. What a digital wonder this is: a single access point for cultural treasures that … Continue reading

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This is the Year of ARM. Check out Marvell’s latest CPU. 1.6gHz X4 with 64bit ECC RAM capability. Servery for sure. This would make a fine thick client too if you don’t do too much floating point maths. It uses … Continue reading

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More Layers

A gruesome means of execution in the old days was crushing people by piling rocks on them. One victim is reported to have called for “more weight” to end his suffering quicker… That’s how IT is going. With that other … Continue reading

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Apple Gives up on Servers

I remember the day I saw my first Apple server. I was shocked. Who knew? Well, after 2011 there will be no more new ones. Apple isn’t making enough money on that stuff. Steve wants to cycle his cash through … Continue reading

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