In the USA, Android Continues to Climb

The Register has an article describing the spectacular growth of Android on smart-phones in the USA. It seems iPhone has peaked in popularity and Android will catch up within a quarter or two. It could not happen to a nicer company ;-). TFA describes why this pattern of growth is different from EU but the bottom line is that younger folks love to stay connected and a smart-phone is the easiest connectivity to carry. It’s good to see that young folks are willing to cut the umbilical cord to that other OS and M$. Competition is good. GNU/Linux thrives in a competitive environment because you cannot beat the price/performance.

Because Android does not lean to anti-competition, it likely will not end with 90%+ share but we shall have to see how far it will go. I look forward to the future when users of Android in mobile will be accepting of GNU/Linux on the desktop/notebook.

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