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Android Code Walk-through

It occurred to me that a post on this topic would be relevant. Then it occurred to me that someone may also have done the job. Here’s the thing:

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Playing DVDs in GNU/Linux

We retain one XP machine here simply because it can play DVD videos. The encryption on DVDs and its relationship to copyright is discussed in detail by Marcel VanDalfsen (2001) in his submission in consultation on modernizing copyright in Canada. … Continue reading

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Wayland or Waylaid?

Mark Shuttleworth announced Ubuntu will be moving to Wayland display mechanism. This offers them the potential of better and snappier displays but it appears networked displays will be some kind of hack if they happen. I would hate that.

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Multiseat for Schools

Userful has just become FLOSS… For years Userful, a company from Alberta, Canada, has pushed a multiseat (multiple simultaneous keyboard/mouse/monitor/users on one PC) solution that is great for schools, libraries and offices. anywhere you have a lot of users in … Continue reading

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