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Again folks are trotting out the wrong numbers to describe the share of PCs running GNU/Linux. I found better numbers… We have fairly good numbers on the actual adoption of Android. Google trends show the spike of searches for information … Continue reading

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Flight of Developers From OpenOffice.org

Gulls figure prominently in the logo of OpenOffice.org. Gulls just want to be free. So do developers. Rather than being forced to assign copyright to the tyrannical Oracle/Larry, they have decided to migrate to the more open organization, DocumentFoundation/LibreOffice. It’s … Continue reading

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Comparisons: Atom v ARM

There is a nice demo of a 1.6 gHz Atom competing against an ARM chip. It’s a close race, even though the ARM chip has a 500 MHz clock. A lot of operations are limited by memory bandwidth or I/O … Continue reading

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M$ has demoted Silverlight to a niche and developers are ticked off. They thought they were developing web pages and media for the whole ecosystem… That’s what you get when you depend on a commercial enterprise looking at short-term solutions … Continue reading

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