M$ is All-out

Ballmer said M$ would be all-in for the cloud. Apparently, he doesn’t realize blogging is one of the clouds… Is it cloud 2 or 3 after e-mail and search? M$ is shutting down Live Spaces. Users will have a smooth transition to WordPress, the software running this blog. I hope this isn’t embrace, extend and extinguish in the blogosphere. Maybe bloggers are too intelligent and don’t drink the Koolaid.

I don’t know what to make of it but will back up my files to move elsewhere if need be. My blog isn’t actually on WordPress. I just run WordPress PHP code. I have my own server running that.

I suspect that M$ really has no traction with people serious about what they do. Their OS is smoke and mirrors. Their web-presence may be that as well. Maybe this is the next nail in the wall of recognizing they are not a growth company.

UPDATE! AHHHHH! The backup was more than 8MB of XML, nearly twice as large as the one I did in June. I’ve created a monster…

UPDATE TheRegister has spotted a trend in projectcide at M$. M$ keeps trying to do what it did to NetScape and failing badly because the monopoly fails on the web. So sad… 🙂

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