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No Doubt Now. ARM Will Be In PCs

Marvell has announced a new ARM chip. This one has 3 processors. What is different is a powerful graphics processor in addition. This thing can run a gaming console, or a PC. It is like a motherboard on a chip. … Continue reading

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Shopping at Dell

I shake my head over this story of Glyn Moody shopping at Dell in the UK. He was forced to spend considerable time to be told repeatedly in various ways that Dell-UK does not sell PCs with Ubuntu even though … Continue reading

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A Failed Migration to “7”

Here’s a story about a guy who wanted to go to “7” badly enough to try it several ways and even talked with M$ about the process. No luck. “7” isn’t an OS designed to migrate towards. It’s an OS … Continue reading

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Chinese Crank Out Thin Clients

The Chinese value economical IT and they are selling it to the world. Here is an example, a thin client that will run at 1280 pixels and do remote USB for $43. It will work for either that other OS … Continue reading

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Two Solitudes

The world is full of dual communities who barely understand each other. Here is a story of advice for ladies. My life would have been quite different if ladies had come gunning for me when I was a young geek… … Continue reading

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Rational IT for the Big Guys

For small guys like us IT is pretty simple. Give the users reliable access to the network and data. GNU/Linux and FLOSS do that wonderfully well. I have long advocated modularity in IT, that is make all IT look like … Continue reading

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I hate bears. They are naturally the king of the forest. They wander around unchallenged all their lives finding food with their noses and claws. They are omnivorous and naturally eat roots, shoots, berries and carrion. Our community like most … Continue reading

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