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Loving Squeeze

In the spring I decided Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze/testing/Sid was in good enough shape for production work. I put it on most of the thick clients and the terminal server. At first there were issues with X, kernel mode switching and … Continue reading

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“everyone wants Novell’s Linux”

That’s SJVN’s opinion. He’s writing about the possible splitting of Novell or the sale of the company. Novell has been doing well with GNU/Linux but the other parts of the business are in decline. I have a different viewpoint. The … Continue reading

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A Failed Migration to GNU/Linux

There are right and wrong ways of doing everything and a Swiss canton did several things wrong: They let M$ lock-in their data in a database They danced to public pressure from rebels They did not fire the rebels and … Continue reading

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M$ Knee-caps “Partners”

This is what eventually happens to “partners”. M$ sees the partners doing well and puts them out of business. see MS offers Security Essentials to small business Small business is a huge market for the anti-malware business. That’s where all … Continue reading

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