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Competition In Technology Looks Like This…

In digital cameras there is a vibrant ecosystem of producers and consumers all seeking better technology. There are many first-class producers and none have more than 20% share of units shipped. Folk who accept M$’s monopoly as normal are ignoring … Continue reading

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That Other OS Goes to the Back of the Bus

Not one of the top-ten most reliable server-hosting outfits is running that other OS in this month’s Netcraft survey. 8 of the top ten run GNU/Linux and two run FreeBSD. The top site running that other OS is 15th. Only … Continue reading

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Google-Chrome-Browser: Vapour-ware?

Google claims it will soon speed up the already fast browser by 60 times… If that is possible it will change everything. If that is not possible this announcement will be vapour-ware to freeze migration to IE9. Isn’t competition grand? … Continue reading

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Software RAID Comes Out of the Closet

For a decade software RAID has been downplayed as a poor substitute for the “real thing” and was only for fools and cheapskates like me. Software RAID with GNU/Linux has been one of the chief differentiators between the typical PC … Continue reading

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