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Lather, Rinse, Repeat ad nauseam

When one builds an OS where image files are executable this keeps happening, … “The email arrives with the subject “Here you have.” An executable screensaver that’s disguised as a PDF document then tries to send the same message to … Continue reading

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Zombie in a B Movie, M$’s EULA

Remember those really bad movies in the 50s and 60s where something not quite dead had not the sense to die and kept troubling innocent humans? Well, M$’s EULA has been found to be so by a court of law. … Continue reading

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Gerald Caplan Does Not Understand Democracy

Democracy is the state of affairs where the legislator listens to his constituents. Many constituents are telling elected politicians that the registry of long firearms must go. When the issues have been discussed long and hard, this is not an … Continue reading

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How to Run a Projector Remotely with GNU/Linux

In my classroom I have a really fine desk, padded chair and powerful PC but I want to sit so that I can view the whole room and the door (gamblers should never sit with their back to the door). … Continue reading

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M$ Acquired its Own Botnet

Officially it’s a legal move to shut down the Waledac botnet but technically it gives M$ control of its own botnet through ownership of the domains set up for the botnet. While this may be good PR and it may … Continue reading

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The Last Barrier to Wireless in Linux Falls

The Atheros chips have been doing well. They run on any OS. Broadcom has noticed and has finally released a wireless driver for Linux for their chips. Would they do that for a 1% share? I doubt it. Broadcom realizes … Continue reading

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