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And it Came to Pass

A while back, I declared 2010 the Year of ARM and predicted by the end of 2010 we would see ARM competing mainstream on desktops and servers. Well, I might have been a few months off, but ARM will make … Continue reading

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Killing Bug #1

Bug #1 affects all GNU/Linux distributions, “M$ has a majority market share.”. The boys and girls at Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu are working hard to fix this bug but they cannot do it alone. M$ has enlisted most of the … Continue reading

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It looks as if ASUStek is coming back into the fold of FLOSS with a new product this summer, a tablet-format PC. If it runs Android, is it ARM-based? Amen! That may be the best way for an OEM to … Continue reading

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“Sources believe”

Digitimes has an article about the stiff competition for notebooks of all kinds globally. There is some debate apparently between IDC and Gartner about who is #1, Acer or HP. It appears that “sources” believe the position will depend on … Continue reading

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Success Delayed is Failure

Many are hailing “7” as a great success. I say not so. “7” is a bugfix of Vista which was already late XP is still dominant in business Unless M$ can convince business to adopt “7” it can hardly be … Continue reading

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I just saw an ad on Linuxinsider.com that I have to share. It should read, “Get 1/3 less for your money!”. Rather, M$ states that “1=10” meaning their restrictive EULA will allow you to connect 10 machines to your PC … Continue reading

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