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Jason Perlow and FaceBook

After his FaceBook account was compromised, he assumed it was malware on that other OS that snagged his account information. He has decided to jail that other OS and run GNU/Linux mostly except for a few apps in a virtual … Continue reading

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Compound Vulnerabilities

Most everyone agrees that, if you are going to run that other OS you should at least: run a good firewall run a good anti-malware tool patch regularly That is over and above the usual stuff about back-ups and disaster-plans … Continue reading

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$3 Licences Anyone?

The US Supreme Court will consider a case of imported copyrighted works undercutting domestic prices. The suit involves re-selling products bought in China, legally, in the USA at much lower prices than the copyright holder charges in the USA. The … Continue reading

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Intel Bets on Wintel

Intel is ramping up the price and features on Atom chips believing that folks want/need hotter CPUs in the netbooks… I find that sad. CPUs are already idling with single cores in Atomic netbooks. I know. I had one working … Continue reading

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