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And it Came to Pass

A while back, I declared 2010 the Year of ARM and predicted by the end of 2010 we would see ARM competing mainstream on desktops and servers. Well, I might have been a few months off, but ARM will make … Continue reading

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Killing Bug #1

Bug #1 affects all GNU/Linux distributions, “M$ has a majority market share.”. The boys and girls at Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu are working hard to fix this bug but they cannot do it alone. M$ has enlisted most of the … Continue reading

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It looks as if ASUStek is coming back into the fold of FLOSS with a new product this summer, a tablet-format PC. If it runs Android, is it ARM-based? Amen! That may be the best way for an OEM to … Continue reading

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“Sources believe”

Digitimes has an article about the stiff competition for notebooks of all kinds globally. There is some debate apparently between IDC and Gartner about who is #1, Acer or HP. It appears that “sources” believe the position will depend on … Continue reading

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Success Delayed is Failure

Many are hailing “7” as a great success. I say not so. “7” is a bugfix of Vista which was already late XP is still dominant in business Unless M$ can convince business to adopt “7” it can hardly be … Continue reading

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I just saw an ad on that I have to share. It should read, “Get 1/3 less for your money!”. Rather, M$ states that “1=10” meaning their restrictive EULA will allow you to connect 10 machines to your PC … Continue reading

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Look What Happens When There is Competition!

smartphones – Android growing fast, that other OS shrinking web servers – Apache with GNU/Linux riding high high performance computing – GNU/Linux wins easily – only 1% use that other OS LAN servers – who knows? Too closely tied to … Continue reading

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Ten Seconds

Are we there yet? That is what we used to ask our parents in the middle of a long ride in the car… Now Phoronix has checked the boot-time of Ubuntu 10.04. No it is not 10s yet on a … Continue reading

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Batoche + 125 Years

We are approaching the 125th anniversary of the Battle of Batoche wherein the government of Canada crushed the Northwest Rebellion of 1885. My great grandfather was one of the soldiers raised in Ontario and brought west by the almost-complete Canadian … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux on Fire

Jane Silber, the boss at Canonical, says that Ubuntu has about 10 million installations and is growing at about 10% per month. That would make Ubuntu the 1% that NetApplications sees. Since there are several distros with similar popularity to … Continue reading

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Circular Arguments

As SCOG is circling the drain their arguments are becoming circular: Without copyright ownership SCO cannot assert rights or bring suit to protect that technology against misuse by third parties, and without the ability to protect the technology, SCO cannot … Continue reading

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Fed Up With PCs Not Working?

You are not alone. Consumers are stressed. IT people are stressed. There is a simple solution that works, use more reliable equipment and software. If you use GNU/Linux you will be able to afford better equipment or build in redundancy. … Continue reading

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