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Intel Innovates

Henry Kingman has written a piece describing some technology Intel has developed for the embedded/battery-powered space. It is still x86 but shuts down stuff when idling. The problem with that is that netbooks with GNU/Linux are multi-tasking devices that are … Continue reading

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I have not used Solaris, Sun’s UNIX species. There are rumours that Oracle will change the licensing of Solaris which SUN distributed as Free Software as OpenSolaris. Free Software licensing is not designed to allow the software to be put … Continue reading

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“PJ” is the pseudonym of the host of the blog, GROKLAW, which has been a rallying point for the whole world of people concerned about the attack on Free Software headed by SCOG. Brian Proffitt has an excellent article, “SCO, … Continue reading

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The Zero-sum Game

Matt Asay quite properly predicts that “cloud computing” will be mainstream in a year or so. He quotes figures showing billions in annual revenue already. This has implications for all of IT. If billions are spent on cloud computing are … Continue reading

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