Myths Never Die.

Some twit wrote an article recounting five myths about why one should not migrate to Ubuntu (read GNU/Linux). 73 comments and counting, he is blown away. The article is full of innuendo and half-truth and irrelevant information. Skip it and go to the comments directly. That part is more informative. The volume, intensity and clarity of the comments is illuminating. The trolls are out-numbered by the sincere users of GNU/Linux. It’s all good.

Drew: 2. the Command Line
Helooooo welcome to the 21rst century! I’ve got my LAPTOP working fine and I have not *had* to go to the command line even once!

leftystrat:I tried Vista This is one of the reasons my company will not use it. They did such a great job making a pretty interface useful that we can’t FIND anything. Those must have been some expensive consultants.

Otoh, linux occasionally goes on our production floor as a loaner unit and there hasn’t been a single usability issue. That says something.

Omar:I operate Photoshop 9 under Wine and it works very well

revdjenk:After three weeks, I reinstalled Kubuntu to be the solo OS.
built in cam-works,
media buttons-work
audio- works
command line-works, I guess, I’m too lazy to learn to use!

JEDEDIAH:2001 called. It wants it’s Linux review back.

Anyone that attempts to review Ubuntu and brings up “configure” clearly hasn’t touched the thing. I don’t care if others think you have. You’re clearly someone parroting other people’s talking points.

And on it goes… In the real world, real people are finding GNU/Linux works for them. That other OS can work, too, for M$’s bottom line and for you, too, if you do not rely on some feature or application M$ decides to kill. I switched long ago because their OS just did not want to live on our PCs.

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