Press Release 03/20/19

“The Arbor Day Foundation today announced the launch of its Time for Trees initiative, a commitment to plant 100 million trees in forests and communities worldwide by 2022 – the 150th anniversary of Arbor Day. The initiative will leverage trees as a simple, powerful way to preserve the necessities of life on Earth that are becoming increasingly compromised, as well as reverse the damage done by climate change.”
See Press Release 03/20/19
OK. I get it. Trees are good. Trees are great. What I don’t understand is “Why only 100 million new trees?”. Why not a billion or two? I alone have planted hundreds of trees in my yard and I have a bunch in pots. If I can plant 400 trees and there are 100 million tree-planters ready, willing and eager to plant, why can’t we plant billions of trees? Clearly, some of you need to wake up. So WAKE UP!

I know some of you think it costs too much to plant a tree but you are mistaken. You can spend a few dollars on a bare-root seedling or a few tens of dollars on a potted tree from a nursery but you can also buy seeds for a fraction of a cent per seed. In my area you can buy a packet of tree seeds for a few dollars, plant them in the fall in suitable locations and have half of them grow into real trees next spring. You can also gather seeds of local trees. OK, if you have industrious mice or squirrels seeds may not work but you can do the same in your refrigerator and put the seeds into pots in the spring. I recommend a mix of trees: conifers to break the wind and provide shelter for birds and pollen for bees, oaks for the future, maples for this generation, apples, grapes, Prunus and Amelanchier for those who like to eat and poplar, caragana, lilac or willow for those who want trees sooner. Remember the bees. They need trees in the spring, and flowers all summer long to pollinate you fruit trees and vegetables. The honey bees don’t do it all. Provide nesting sites for the wild bees too. They like holes and crevices in wood and a good supply of mud and water.

Go for it! There’s no reason you can’t plant at least a few trees, small ones if you lack space, and big ones if you really care about the future.

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I’d like to share what I know about the future. Trump knows it too. He’s been campaigning like mad and fundraising from Day One. He still won’t win. Folks who were sure Hillary would win and didn’t bother to work hard for her or vote for her will vote for any Ham Sandwich offered by the Democrats. Folks who believed Trump’s lies about nearly everything will know the truth about Trump and will vote for any Ham Sandwich offered by the Democrats. People who believed Trump was a “business man” and would fix things have long ago learned Trump breaks things. He’s promised to break more. Currently his targets are:

  • DOJ
  • Congress
  • foreign alliances
  • foreign trading partners
  • the budget
  • the environment

and he’s willing to let our descendants pay for his mistakes and crimes. Gotta love his consistent efforts to do the wrong thing.

Those who think Trump “gave” them this generous economy should realize that Obama did most of the work. Trump inherited a growing economy and dumped $billions towards himself and his rich friends. It’s those rich friends spewing money into his campaign. They’re loving it.

Those who think the ebullient economy will continue under Trump should consider that to be reelected Trump needs a “good war” any war and war is never good for the economy. It’s just a matter of time before he drops bombs somewhere or shuts down the border or props up some losing industry. All those hurt the economy but they all pale in comparison to Trump’s attempt to roll back the tide of environmental awareness. An economy can’t thrive if temperatures and sea levels rise. Both are happening, perhaps not soon enough for 2020, but think of the children. The children have added millions to the voting rolls while Trump supporters are dying. Hillary won the popular vote last year. All of the Dems prospective candidates beat Trump in the polling.

Those who think Trump is a poor persecuted business man should read the imminent Mueller probe. Oh yeah. By next week the emperor will have no clothes. Nowhere to hide his piggish nature. He’s a criminal lying to all who will listen. Millions have stopped listening and Hillary won the popular vote last time. The Senate is almost surely to go D because many Rs are up for election. They are all tied to the Trump millstone. It’s all over but the voting.

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Spring Springing

Chuckle. This Nanking Cherry (Prunus tomentosa) was sitting in a large pot all winter exposed to the cold, sun and wind and is planning to attack the world despite average temperatures still being around 0° C. Last week the buds were smaller in diameter and a solid light brown colour. Now you can see lighter regions where the sheath is separating. It’s all good. 2019 will be a really great year where good things grow and Trump will be hollowed out.

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To Grow Or Not To Grow…

I had a surprise this week. I glanced over my stratifying seeds in the refrigerator and found my Sugar Maple, Acer saccharum, seeds were germinating. I quickly transplanted them to pots in my kitchen. That was a mistake as they began to droop. Not enough root to support the leaves. I placed a plastic bag over the pots and the leaves perked up.

I was surprised. I don’t read anywhere that they could sprout at refrigerator temperatures. I guess my fridge isn’t as cold as it should be… Anyway, I now have some tiny seedlings that have reservations in my “maple quarter”. I’m a lot more hopeful that they will survive compared to, say, Trump’s chances… Chuckle. He’s toast. He’s not growing his base and there are signs that the GOP isn’t willing to follow him over a cliff.

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Finally, Canada Gets An EV-subsidy

“To encourage more Canadians to buy zero-emission vehicles, Budget 2019 proposes to provide $300 million over three years, starting in 2019-20, to Transport Canada to introduce a new federal purchase incentive of up to $5,000 for electric battery or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of less than $45,000. Program details to follow.”
See Canada announces new $5,000 EV incentive – but no Teslas need apply
Yes! A 20% discount on my new Solo!

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Filling In The Gaps

I’m still impatiently waiting to receive my Solo EV two years after making a deposit and progress is there but too slow… On the other hand, PlugShare now shows two new charging stations scheduled to come on line on the Trans-Canada Highway west of Winnipeg, one at McGregor, MB, a Petro-Canada station, and another at a Canadian Tire store in Portage la Prairie, MB. It’s about time. Now it will be much more fun and with less range anxiety to turn my Solo loose in that direction.

PS No joy! The new stations are using CCS EVSEs which only connect to CCS cars. J1772/Level 2 can connect to CCS cars but a CCS EVSE can’t connect to a J1772 car like the Solo. Damned multiplying standards… A converter would have to be very expensive as it would have to convert high-voltage DC to AC as well as signal properly. Canadian Tire and PetroCanada all through Manitoba don’t want my Solo to visit… Seems they got money from the government of Canada to subsize fast charging EVSEs

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Truth and Consequences

“when the news came in late February that the White House was putting together a panel to see if climate change is really a threat, even though the Defense Department has already said it is, and that this panel would be run by renowned physicist William Happer —who thinks carbon dioxide is “a benefit to the world” — it felt like an opportunity to delve a little deeper.
But in an interview in his brand-new office next to the White House, Droegemeier evaded questions about his own views. He told VICE News he has no opinion on the president’s winter-storm tweets and has no plans to talk to him about them. ”
See Trump’s new science adviser says it’s not his job to correct the president on climate change
Trust Trump to keep on hiring people with no moral compass. Science is about relating measurements and observations of the real world to our ideas and theories about Nature. Knowing the truth about how Nature behaves provides a moral necessity to accept responsibilities for our actions. Neither Trump nor his new “science adviser” has a conscience apparently.

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4 White Solos Arrive From China

Four white Solos arrive somewhere via 40 foot container from China. Jack’s Towing in Vancouver is hauling them away from the container. It’s neat how two can be placed on a “tilt-truck” and four in a sea-container. It’s been a long wait but finally there is a trickle of good news. Keep it coming! Eventually, I’ll get my RED Solo…

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We Can Relax. Trump Is Toast.

“In head-to-head matchups on the 2020 ballot against President Trump, all Democrats have a lead over the President, though all differences are within the margin of error, with one exception. When asked if voters would cast their ballots for Biden or Trump, 55% said they would vote for Biden, and 45% for Trump.”
Majority of Americans disagree with Trump’s national emergency despite a plurality agreeing with border wall extension
We have a backup plan. If Trump is not eliminated sooner, the 2020 election is in the bag. Trump can’t beat a ham sandwich if nominated by the Democratic Party. Thanks, Emerson. I needed that.

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Racist, Con-man, and Cheat

Tomorrow, Cohen will use these words to describe Trump. You don’t have to wait. His words are already published. I think Cohen missed a few: LIAR! BULLY! TRAITOR! PIG! MISOGYNIST! CRIMINAL! ILLITERATE! NUMBSKULL! PARROT! WEAK! DESPICABLE! WASTREL! GREEDY! IMPOSTER! RUDE! WILFULLY IGNORANT! PRESUMPTUOUS! REPETITIOUS! BIGOT! HATER! RECKLESS! No doubt I’ve missed a bunch, but it’s late and I’m tired.

See Read: Michael Cohen’s opening statement to Congress

UPDATE: Watched most of the session before the House Oversight Committee. Some gleanings:

  • AOC was sharp, like an arrow, with minimal BS and questions that cut to the quick.
  • Trump definitely violated campaign finance laws.
  • Trump definitely violated charitable foundation rules.
  • Trump is the scummiest politician in Washington. He’s a racist bastard who lies and bullies people to get what he wants and the rest of the country be damned. Anyone who thinks Trump represents the poor and the downtrodden is a fool.
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Electra Meccanica Begins Production

“The Company expects to produce approximately 50 SOLO EVs in the quarter ended March 31, 2019 as it ramps production considerably over the course of 2019 to deliver a total of 5,000 vehicles by year end.”
See Electra Meccanica Hosts Factory Grand Opening Ceremony for SOLO Electric Vehicle
I thought we were there a couple of months ago but apparently not… EMV has announced the commencement of production of the Solo EV again.
That factory should be able to crank out nearly 50 Solos in a day or two. I have no idea why they are so slow to ramp up. Perhaps they are on a steep hill…

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Manitoba Government Sells Out Pineland Forest Nursery

“The Manitoba government has concluded a deal to revitalize and bring new economic opportunities to Pineland Forest Nursery and the surrounding region, with the successful bidder being a company that plans to grow and develop hemp, Growth, Enterprise and Trade Minister Blaine Pedersen and Sustainable Development Minister Rochelle Squires announced today.

Pineland Forest Nursery, near Hadashville, was originally established to produce seedlings for the province and supplied some seedlings for customers outside the province as well. An extensive review determined the nursery was not viable as a provincially operated entity as it was losing nearly half a million dollars a year.
See Province Concludes Deal to Bring New Economic Opportunities to Pineland Forest Nursery
Manitoba needs all the trees it can grow, and hemp too but the government has decided to stop growing the seedlings needed to grow the trees… Who cares if it takes some money to do that? The trees have value the bean-counters are not counting. I feel the need to vote coming on.

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