Sometimes a picture is better than 1000 words. To help newbies with their fears and to help true geeks experience ever more thrilling exploits with computers, I have started producing videos for YouTube.

  1. Part 1 of Fun With Debian – a minimal installation
  2. Part 2 of Fun With Debian – installing WordPress
  3. Part 3 of Fun With Debian – installing a terminal server and client
  4. Part 4 of Fun With Debian – Installing a GNU/Linux Terminal Server with LTSP for Fun and Profit
  5. Part 5 of Fun With Debian – Configuring a GNU/Linux LTSP server. We added many applications and provided a local dictionary service.

  6. Part 7 of Fun With Debian – Installing Citadel Groupware This system provides e-mail, bulletin board, calendaring, etc. to the web or PCs on your LAN.

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