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Humble Beginnings + Industry = Growth

A few years ago, a relative donated a bowl of plums grown on a tree in her yard. I knew exactly what to do with them. I cut each one in half to remove the stone and made jam of … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two NAS Devices And Their Makers

A recent failure of a router has been diagnosed as a NIC failure on the motherboard. I can install another NIC to solve the problem. Along the way, I considered converting the rackmount server to be a NAS device for … Continue reading

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Wikipedia: Decline Or Maturity?

My recent migration to Debian Jessie, which required fixing my local tweaks for web-applications ended with some examination of Wikipedia, of which I have a snapshot from 2004 or so. I have edited it a lot and customized it for … Continue reading

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A Bunch Of Reasons Why I Use The GNU/Linux Operating System

I just read a trollish/clickbaitish article, you know, one of those “umpteen reasons to use that other OS…” things. It was sickening. All the usual arguments evanglists of M$ use wrapped in a “user-friendliness” package with a ribbon were there. … Continue reading

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Budapest District Loves FLOSS

In spite of the trolls who proclaim that other OS and its “partners” are essential to IT, another city announces that it has been using a lot of FLOSS for everything for years. “Karay was one of the presenters at … Continue reading

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Software Patent Thermogeddon

M$ and “friends” are unleashing the Nortel patents against Google several ways. A recent barrage in court seeks to undermine Google’s whole business. Expect it to annoy the world for a decade. On of “The patents describe "an advertisement machine … Continue reading

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BigBrother Stops Groklaw

“My personal decision is to get off of the Internet to the degree it’s possible. I’m just an ordinary person. But I really know, after all my research and some serious thinking things through, that I can’t stay online personally … Continue reading

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The Generations of Spam

More than a decade ago when I used Hotmail, I was getting more spam than normal e-mail. I can’t remember the details. It was the shear weight… Now I get only rare spam via GMail but I have a blog … Continue reading

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Status of Wireless N (802.11n draft)

Some trolls claim wireless N does not work with GNU/Linux. That may seem plausible in that few drivers were available but ath9k is in Linux 2.6.27 at rc7 and working and some are using it in Ubuntu Intrepid which is … Continue reading

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Myths Never Die.

Some twit wrote an article recounting five myths about why one should not migrate to Ubuntu (read GNU/Linux). 73 comments and counting, he is blown away. The article is full of innuendo and half-truth and irrelevant information. Skip it and … Continue reading

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Ban www.desktoplinux.com !

In a thread entitled “What are the benefits of open source?”, started by amicus_curious, one of the trolls of the Internet, I wrote: “Fortunately Ziff-Davis has decided that OUR side of this debate is worth hearing.” That is the problem. … Continue reading

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