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Legacy PCs Continue Nose-diving In 2016

“global smartphone sales will for the first time exhibit single-digit growth in 2016. Global smartphone sales are estimated to reach 1.5 billion units in 2016, a 7 per cent growth from 2015. The total mobile phone market is forecast to … Continue reading

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Smartphones, The New Implanted PCs

“Global smartphone shipments in the fourth quarter will increase to 396.8 million units, leading to 1.326 billion units for 2015 which will rise 10.1% on year.” See Digitimes Research: Over 331 million smartphones shipped globally in 3Q15Wow! M$ used to brag … Continue reading

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Security? Cost? Go With Thin Clients

In large organizations paranoid about security and having huge IT bills, thin clients are the way to go.“it quickly became clear that the DoD network, with more than 15,000 different sub-networks, was simply too large and had too many distributed … Continue reading

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Finnish Schools Save Big With FLOSS

“Municipalities in Finland that have switched their schools to Linux and other open source solutions are saving millions of euro. Typically, our centrally managed open source computers are at least 40 percent cheaper than the proprietary alternative. The total savings … Continue reading

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Lenovo And IBM Go Another Round

In a manner similar to the sale of the PC business, IBM has agreed to sell the x86 server business to Lenovo. One detail that I think is important is that “Approximately 7,500 IBM employees around the world, including those … Continue reading

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The Writing On The Wall: Tablets And Smartphones Are The New PCs

Some of the trolls lurking here keep harping that small cheap computers just cannot replace the legacy PC because they lack something: keyboards, kilowatt PSUs or whatever. The fact is that that a large segment of users don’t require those … Continue reading

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Retail Shelves

Unfortunately, I can’t drive around to a lot of retailers to examine their shelves so this survey of the web will have to do. I will restrict myself to Canadian sites. The rest of the world varies, I know. NewEgg.ca … Continue reading

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Chrome OS, The New GNU/Linux Distro Accepted By OEMs, Retailers, Government and Consumers

Combine state of the art hardware from Intel and optimized software from Google and what do you have? A big bite taken out of the Wintel pie: “Chrome OS represents a new form of computing," he said. "We are seeing … Continue reading

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Everybody Loves Small Cheap Computers

“According to IHS iSuppli Compute Platforms Topical Report, lower-end computers classified in either the "mainstream" category or the "value" the mainstream desktop PCs is expected to account for 46.9% of the market each by the year-end, while the top-end PCs … Continue reading

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Extremadura Confirms Commitment to FLOSS

I have been writing for years about the benefits of FLOSS including GNU/Linux and thin clients in education. Government usage is not that much different so this combination should be useful in government as well. Apparently Extremadura thinks so: “CIO … Continue reading

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Acer Enters Thin Client Market

Thin clients are nothing new but Acer producing them is. Another interesting point is that some of these are ARMed so we could be seeing even more widespread adoption of */Linux on ARM and x86. DevonIT’s deTOS OS is one … Continue reading

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If You Like Thin Clients Stay Away From That Other OS

Thin clients are wonderful. They are: small quiet cool inexpensive fast but M$ wants to take away one of their chief advantages. This is what BILL VEGHTE said in an interview at Credit Suisse Annual Technology Conference 2008: “we’ve been … Continue reading

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