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State Of The PC

“Worldwide shipments of keyboard-equipped standard PCs (desktops and notebooks) peaked in 2012 at 345 million, but they are expected to decline by a CAGR of -0.5 percent in the 2013-2018 timeperiod. In the updated outlook, tablets are projected to account … Continue reading

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Thin Clients Still Make Sense

“Organisations which continue to operate older PCs and notebooks as software thin clients can make a valuable contribution to protecting the climate and also make savings over the full life cycle of their devices … the production of the devices … Continue reading

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FLOSS Is Not Just Mainstream – It Is The Stream

Black Duck software has just published their analysis of a survey of 1300 companies who use FLOSS, Free/Libre Open Source Software.“Sixty-four percent of companies currently participate in open source projects – up from 50 percent in 2014– and over the … Continue reading

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NComputing Fizzles

Besides having great products a business needs to make sound choices to succeed.“In the third quarter last year, NComputing’s market share slipped to 9 percent from 15.9 percent the same period the year before, and the number of units it … Continue reading

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OEMs Adapt To The Decline In The Market For PCs

Rather than just being another cog in Wintel’s wheel, Lenovo is thinking for itself and diversifying, giving customers what they want.“Regarding tablets, we will cooperate with more solution vendors to embed more application software such as meal ordering systems into … Continue reading

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2015 Could Well Be The Year Of The */Linux Thin Client

While I have long believed thin client computing is the way to go for most of us, Android/Linux took off on small cheap computers before GNU/Linux. It’s all good but 2015 may allow GNU/Linux to catch up.“Intel today launched Intel® … Continue reading

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Triumph Of Thin Clients

Not only have thin clients triumphed here (except fot the audio problem…) but they’ve triumphed in offices of UK“Strength of feeling and clarity on the benefits of a thin and zero client technology was very apparent with 86% of IT … Continue reading

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The Little Woman Takes a Thin Client

Well, the Little Woman’s PC really became flaky and we looked around for alternatives: “This Tutorial describes the downgrade process you need to run to get back stable after sid upgrade.” a new PC fixing the old one a thin … Continue reading

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The Last Barrier To GNU/Linux Desktops Crumbles

According to Digitimes, Chromebooks are having 100% growth this year. That should put them on the webstatistician’s radar finally.“global shipments of Chromebooks are expected to top six million units in 2014 and double to 12 million units in 2015, driven … Continue reading

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The Unbundling Of That Other OS At Lenovo

For years, I’ve been annoyed that Lenovo supports GNU/Linux on all its PCs and will ship GNU/Linux for those who demand it but did not advertise GNU/Linux units side by side with units burdened with that other OS. No longer. … Continue reading

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Look What Happened To Some Of Those XPed Netbooks

One school district that bought netbooks with XP was having no joy“Students like the faster speeds of the centralized desktop, which runs with 50 percent more RAM and a 33 percent faster processor than any of the netbooks. Boot-up and … Continue reading

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Another Story Of GNU/Linux Working For Education

“Finding and pulling out computers stashed away in closets around our school, I put together a working demonstration of the K12 Linux Terminal Server with an old Pentium II-300 and only 192 megabytes of RAM. I bought some special boot … Continue reading

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